Have you ever been shadowbanned on Twitter?


On September 16th, I’ve been shadowbanned by Twitter. Whatever the tweets I posted, nobody reacted to it, that’s why I’ve browsed the Internet and discovered this mechanism set up by Twitter to mute users. Since Twitter doesn’t warn you when you’re shadowbanned, Markus Klarname has released, an online tool to check your account status:

To make it easy to check shadowban status for iPhone users, we’ve developed the iOS version of the platform using their API endpoint.

App Store Review

The app has been rejected 8 times by App Store Review team because of 1. 1 Safety: Objectionable Content clause:

Your app’s metadata contains misleading content or content that is intended to deceive users.

Specifically, the concept is to provide the service of shadowbanning

Please note that adding a disclaimer to the app description is not sufficient if the rest of the metadata and the app are misleading.

We keep trying to convince them about our work and the safety of Shadowban so we can release it on App Store. That let us time to work on a better app icon! You can still download the beta available on TestFlight:

Join the Shadowban beta