Retro Widget 2

Play the original Snake II on iPhone & Apple Watch!

When we released first version of Retro Widget, one of the main feedback was request of a playable version of the original Snake II game. That’s why we’ve decided to develop the original Snake II using the following native APIs:

  • SpriteKit 📐 (game layout)
  • GameCenter 🏆 (leaderboards)
  • App groups 🔗 (shared settings)

New app icon

Since we didn’t really like previous icon, we’ve ordered a new one to Raphael Lopes, who made an incredible work:

The tools

The first part of the work was about retroengineering with an old Nokia 3310 phone. It consists on capturing the game in slow motion to analyze and reproduce the snake behavior.


The major part of this work was done with Sketch on which we’ve reproduced the drawings & animations:


We’ve also decided to create a custom font (internally named retrofont) with the great FontLab software. It’s embedded in the application to display game over & top score messages!

How to play?


You can move the snake with the following controls:


  • Number pad (just like you did on the Nokia 3310: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 keys)
  • Gestures: You can swipe the game are to drive the Snake.

Apple Watch

  • Crown: Turn the crown to change snake direction (clockwise or not)
  • Gestures: You can swipe the game are to drive the Snake.



You can pick a maze from the 5 original ones available on the Nokia 3310. Each maze has its own leaderboard to compare score!


Level can be set from 1 to 9. It only changes the snake speed. The default is 5, my preferred is 7! The level is not took in account in the Game Center leaderboards.


You can read about the home widgets, social medias & press releases on our first Retro Widget page!

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